It’s all so simple!

One had to admit

To be fair, one had to admit that after fifteen cans of Red Bull, Vladimir had managed to explain to us how each and every 3rd edition feat ever published by anyone made up the very bedrock upon which stood the legitimacy of the entire edition.


Dear Sir,

Lady Sendra Collmon Kinsington, heir to the Kinsington estate, current high cleric of Tamrit and a woman well-known for having an extremely short temper would like to have a word with you concerning your use of the “enlarge” spell at this past evenings Royal Dress Ball.

Didn’t you get the memo?


Strahd thought he could always escape any persistent adventurers simply by using his bat form. He was right.

Unfortunately, his new kitty named Shadow missed a memo.

Steve finally decided to do something about those stray cats in his yard

(This freakin’ thing is real and I want one!)




The Sundering

Brundar the Barbarian and his sidekick Ishtik the elf were not sure just what “The Sundering” was going to do to the Forgotten Realms in D&D Next but after ¬†having been affected by it, they decided they probably were not going to like it all that much.

Halfling sailor Lem Shuffleshoes has heard some scuttlebutt at the last port sayin’ that there will be GUNS in 5th edition. Lem Shuffleshoes plans to be ready.

It took quite a while for James the Butler to become comfortable working for a wizard and twice as long to get used to his new employers’ sense of humor.