Uh… guys?

Alas, to the dismay of the unfortunate pack of were-leopards, only Billy made his Perception roll.


Still waiting

After perusing the rules for 3rd edition, Dave decided that he would just have to delay the start of his campaign until they brought back THACO

One of the nice things about writing a blog that no one reads is that I am able to go on rants occasionally. This time, however, I need not express my rantmania, as Monte Cook calmly expressed what has bothered me for a while.

Monte Cook (if you don’t know who Monte Cook is, you are reading the wrong blog) expressed this in a recent interview and it reminded me why I bear a grudge against Hasbro/WOC. I even consider myself a D&D fan-boy (and am looking forward to 5e) but what they did in introducing 4e; that is to say the manner in which they behaved towards their then-current fan-base was reprehensible.

Anyway, this is what Monte said, emphasis mine.

“What surprises me most about players today is not their different tastes, but their unwillingness to accept that someone else’s tastes are as valid as their own. I blame Internet cranks for that mentality, and I blame game company spokesmen who have encouraged it in the belief that it would help them sell games. It’s the very people who must now solve the problem of a very fractured marketplace who fractured it in the first place.”


Sing it, brother!

My comfort comes with knowing that most of those guys got canned. I wish them well, but I wish for them to do well outside of the gaming industry.

Yeah, I can hold a good grudge.

They just laughed…

The night little Diana told the guys in the group that she wanted to run a Mousegaurd game next, they just laughed at her.

Then they stopped laughing.

“We had him almost defeated, then that damn dragon sneezed…!”

Always vigilant

“Look, I know you don’t see anything out there, but I’m a cat and I’m telling you I rolled a nineteen on my spot check!”







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